Best shoes for toddlers with flat feet in 2021

Best shoes for toddlers with flat feet | The appropriate shoes for your child can help prevent a more serious and uncomfortable condition that can affect a child’s development in the long run. Here we are going to discuss the best shoes for toddlers with flat feet.

Our top picks:

Wobbly Waddlers Toddler Sneakers


Memo Polo Ankle Support 


Apakowa Toddler Kid’s Sneakers Boys Girls


Stride Rite Made2Play Toddler and Little Boys 


Wobbly Waddlers Toddler Sneakers


Wobbly Waddlers is a company that understands how to design supportive shoes for toddlers just learning to walk. Their shoes are made to satisfy a variety of needs for your child while still appearing super adorable and fashionable.

If your child has only ever been barefoot, it may take some time for him or her to acclimate to wearing shoes. These sneakers provide the perfect blend of stability and flexibility, making the transition effortless.

This brand is unique in that all of its shoes are handcrafted by artisans in Leon, Mexico. Fair compensation and safe working conditions are provided to their employees. Their packaging is also recyclable. It’s a company that creates high-quality products that you can be proud of.


  • Safe design
  • Long-lasting materials
  • a corporation that is environmentally friendly and long-lasting
  • Designed for those who are just starting to walk.


  • These are best for children who are just learning to walk. The ASICS Gel-Venture is a good option for older walkers.

Memo Polo Ankle Support 


These corrective orthopedic sneakers are designed exclusively for children’s feet and have a variety of supportive features.

It has a “uniquely developed rubber outsole system” that keeps your toddler’s feet aligned as they walk. The leather is both robust and flexible, ensuring that your toddler’s feet are both comfy and well-ventilated.

Memo shoes are unique in that they have Memo System Technology, which allows you to track your child’s growth or regression after they’ve worn them for a while. With stripes, the outsole and heel are divided into different numbered zones. Abrasion will be visible in the stripes, allowing you to know where your youngster is exerting the most pressure and take any required remedial action.

The memo has perfectly featured Ankle support, thermoplastic firm heel counter, Thomas heel, Memo arch support insoles, Memo System Technology.

Finally, Memo Polo orthopedic shoes are a great option for children’s foot development. According to the brand, their sneakers are comprised of natural textiles and materials, including goatskin, to keep the feet cool and dry. Because they have a Thomas heel that prevents flat feet, they have been authorized by doctors and are included in the medical product register. High ankles provide the foot extra support and keep it in place to prevent any unnatural movement.

During high-impact landings, the heel counter provides additional protection and steadiness to the foot. I would strongly advise you to get medical advice before taking any action on your own. These sneakers may be a good fit for your youngster, but it’s essential to check with your doctor first.


  • Technology for Memo Systems
  • Ankle support is excellent.
  • Velcro closures on both sides
  • Toe box reinforcement


  • Waterproofing is not possible.

Apakowa Toddler Kid’s Sneakers Boys Girls


Apakowa has an excellent collection of toddler shoes with arch support that might aid with flat feet problems.

If you’re on a limited budget and can’t afford some of the more expensive shoes on our list, they are a great alternative. They’re made of lightweight mesh and have detachable leather insoles.

The twin Velcro closures let you customize the fit to your toddler’s feet. The high-quality TPR outsole ensures that your child has a secure grip when running around, giving you peace of mind. These shoes offer protection while also allowing for ventilation, ensuring that your child’s feet don’t get too hot. These are the best shoes for flat-footed toddlers. These are comfortable.

Adjustable to keep your little one safe, whether at home or outside, use the hook and loop closure for a snug fit and quick on/off.

Breathable lining keeps feet dry and minimizes sweating on the soles.


  • Good for those on a budget
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Strong outsole traction


  • These can be narrow and difficult for small hands to put on and take off on their own.
  • That also implies they won’t be able to remove them when they aren’t supposed to.

Stride Rite Made2Play Toddler and Little Boys 


It’s difficult to discuss children’s footwear without mentioning Stride Rite. The Stride Rite Made 2 Play Artin Sneaker is perfect for our flat-footed kids. The memory foam insole molds to the contour of your child’s foot and gives the support and stability they need to play all day. This pair of super-comfy sneakers has an antibacterial lining to keep them odor-free.

And if these shoes get dirty (muddy puddle jumping, anyone?) they can be thrown right into the washing machine. Made of sturdy leather and mesh, the Made 2 Play Artin sneakers have a rubber sole that gives good traction on smooth and slippery surfaces. These shoes are also one of the most economical pairs on the list, with sizes ranging from toddlers to size 13.5 for little children.

These are made entirely of leather and mesh and are imported from the United States. The sole is made of rubber. These athletic sneakers have a cool neutral color scheme and elastic laces; they go with both gym and dress-code attire.

These shoes are made to be sturdy and comfy. Leather and mesh uppers, a rubber outsole for optimum traction and durability, and memory foam footbeds for added comfort are all featured on these kids’ sneakers. For simple on/off and flexibility, these stylish shoes incorporate a hook and loop fastening. It has an antibacterial liner to keep odors at bay.

The shoes are easy to clean. These children’s shoes may be machine washed and cleaned with a moist, warm cloth and mild detergent. These are best for toddlers with flat feet as they are very comfortable for them. 


  • The shoes are easy to put on and take off thanks to the hook and loop fastening.
  • Antimicrobial lining to keep your shoe odor-free.
  • This item is machine washable.
  • Comfortable and supportive memory foam insole.


  • It’s possible that it won’t withstand normal wear and tear.

Things you must know:

It’s critical to choose the right shoes for your child, which include a sturdy heel counter, a substantial supportive sole, and lightweight materials.

As your children grow, you must ensure that their feet remain healthy by providing them with supportive shoes that will aid in their foot growth. If your child has flat feet, search for shoe styles that include the following characteristics:

Sturdy & Supportive Outsole:

This feature will help your children’s feet and legs absorb less shock when they come into contact with the ground. 

Firm Heel Counter:

This will strengthen and straighten your toddler’s ankles while also protecting and supporting them. If the heel counter on the shoe you provide for your child is too soft and flimsy, your youngster will not benefit from any of the shoe’s features.

Lightweight and Flexible:

While the shoes must be supportive, they must also be lightweight and flexible to keep your toddler’s feet and legs from becoming fatigued fast.

Good Traction:

This will keep your kid from sliding and falling, which is especially important when running quickly.


The shoes must be breathable to avoid bacteria from growing inside the shoe and giving your child stinky feet.

How can you tell if a toddler has flat feet?

Overpronation, commonly known as “flat feet,” refers to feet that are mostly flat along the bottom.

If you’re not sure, run the “wet test” on different members of your family. Allow everyone to get their soles wet and then tread on a piece of paper.

The flatter the person’s foot is, the more of a foot is seen by the wet imprint. The higher the arches are if only the toes, balls, and heels leave an imprint.

Toddlers may be put through the same test if you can get them to cooperate, of course!

However, because most babies and young toddlers have an extra layer of fat behind their arches that makes their feet appear flatter than they are, it can be difficult to determine.

Check to see if your child is suffering any of the following symptoms to discover whether they have flat feet:

  • Heel or arch pain is a common complaint.
  • Foot pain that worsens with strenuous exercise
  • Inflammation of the ankles

If you believe your toddler is in discomfort, arrange an appointment with your pediatrician. They will be the most qualified to make a diagnosis and provide therapy recommendations.

If you have flat feet, what options do you have?

You don’t need to do anything more if your toddler’s flat feet aren’t causing pain or discomfort. However, if they are still in discomfort after modifying their footwear, their doctor will most likely need to perform more tests.

They’ll probably want to watch your child move around walking, running, jumping to see if motion is contributing to or affecting their pain. They may also want to spend more time looking at the child’s shoes to see if there are any places where they may improve.

If the pain persists, imaging tests such as MRIs may reveal abnormalities that are hidden beneath the surface. Kids are unlikely to require surgery, especially since arch development does not occur until they reach school age. 

However, there may be other options for pain relief:

Stretching: Help your youngster strengthen his or her arches and tendons by doing daily stretching activities.

Special orthotic devices may be effective in cases of acute discomfort, although they are normally not advised until children are about the age of five.

Physical Therapy: In addition to stretching, a physical therapist can provide you with additional techniques to help your toddler’s pain heal over time.

Medication: If your pediatrician recommends it, over-the-counter pain medicines (that are suitable for children) can help.

Rest: If your toddler’s pain is made worse by activity, encourage him or her to rest and recuperate as much as possible. When feasible, reduce high-impact activities and encourage new ones like swimming and trampolining.

There aren’t many firms that make shoes expressly for flat-footed toddlers. It’s not always easy to know if a shoe will provide enough support for your youngster.

When shopping for shoes for your flat-footed youngster, keep the following points in mind.


 When purchasing shoes for your child for any reason, they must fit properly. A bad fit, while they’re young, might have a big impact on their walking posture and joint development. If you have flat feet or are experiencing foot pain, make sure your shoes are not too tiny or restricting. Between the point of their toe and the end of the shoe, you should be able to feel a finger’s width.


While “arch support,” as we generally talk about it for adults, is less crucial here, you still want to make sure you pick shoes with plenty of padding. If your toddler is in discomfort, it’s most likely because he isn’t wearing a shoe with a supportive enough sole to absorb the shocks of running and jumping.


For children with flat feet, flexibility is very crucial. They must wear flexible shoes that complement the natural movements of the foot and aid in the development of strength in toddlers. Overly tight shoes will aggravate their pain and have an impact on their foot and hip growth.

Breathability and weight

Children’s feet sweat a lot for various reasons, and they need to wear shoes that accommodate this. Look for shoes with an airy, breathable outer fabric such as leather, canvas, or mesh.

You’ll want to purchase lightweight shoes so that your youngster can easily pick their feet up and down and modify their walking to their comfort demands. Walking will be made more difficult by an overly heavy shoe.

Wrapping up:

The shoes recommended in this article are the finest for providing arch support and alleviating foot and ankle pain caused by flat feet. All of the shoes on our list of the best kids shoes for flat feet will provide your youngster with support and comfort. Providing supportive orthopedic shoes that better accommodate their feet and lessen pain is one of the best things you can do for a toddler with flat feet.

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