Best nurse shoes for flat feet in 2021 + Buyer’s Guide

Best nurse shoes for flat feet| Being a nurse is not easy. Besides spending many hours caring for all the needs of your patients, you also have to deal with daily stress. These things do not end mentally, they can also mean a lot of discomforts, especially on your back, shoulders, and neck. If you have flat feet, here are some of the best nurse shoes for flat feet that you can check out.

Our top picks: 

KLOGS Footwear Women’s Naples Leather


Dansko Women’s Professional


Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Comfort 


Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo


KLOGS Footwear Women’s Naples Leather


For maximum comfort connected with polyurethane anti-slip outsoles tested and approved for wet and oily outlets, the removable polyurethane insole offers supportive comfort. both outsoles and insoles are durable, long-lasting, and offer great comfort and support.

suitable for anyone with a foot all day long, nurses, doctors, cooks, school teachers, sales staff, etc. These shoes, therefore, help flat-footed nurses to walk on these types of stairs for longer periods of time.

Once you start wearing these shoes, you will never feel any pain again because the photo booth and the interior are enough to keep your feet comfortable and relaxed.

Its design is attractive and fashionable and the heel 2 inches heel fits well with flat feet and when measuring its platform is 1 inch with a synthetic sole. These two measurements help the nursing home to move more easily.

In addition, its polyurethane outsole is non-slip and gives your feet the ability to move easily from one place to another. Room and waterproof corridors for cleaning purposes and in this case, these shoes are best for nurses with plantar fasciitis problems.

These shoes come with straps which means they are easy to wear and the left and right collar and right collar are lined with a very flexible rubber pad. The texture of these shoes is very helpful for those who are already irritated from the lace-up shoes and are easily wiped with a dry cloth.

They are cushy on the heel, with good arch support. The footbed was extremely comfortable. The content on the platform makes it easy to keep walking and standing longer with 12-16 hours shifts.  


  • Nice looking
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect fit
  • Great support
  • Great arch support
  • No cables
  • Flexible rubber
  • 100% skin that makes it firm
  • Simple
  • Synthetic saliva
  • Anti-slip center
  • Soft language


  • the platform can be stiffer
  • it’s a little warm

Dansko Women’s Professional


Its classic style offers more reliable stability and comfort. Use a wet soap or sponge to remove dirt from the ground. Do not saturate the skin. Typical scuff marks can be touched and polished with shoes. Whenever you’re on your feet all day long, the Dansko old Professional shoe ensures your comfort. Offered here on oiled leather, its iconic design has a smooth leathery surface, a colorful leather insole, and a shock-absorbed rubber outsole.

Being a nurse is not an easy task to take care of your patient for a long time, you may take stress or stress if you are uncomfortable with your shoes or have flat feet so Dansko comes with good quality shoes most nurses are recommended especially for those with flat feet.

Dansko is made of 100% professional leather and provides amazing arch support especially for those nurses who have specific foot problems such as flat feet or metatarsalgia. So this amazing shoe is the best for these types of nurses.

Its finish is made of comfortable Polyurethane for flat feet and its support is also good. Your feet are comfortable after wearing these shoes.

In addition, it comes with a fixed instep collar and gives you extra comfort while walking with 2 inches on the heel also a nice addition to this model. In fact, high-quality clogs help registered nurses reduce foot, ankle, knee, and back pain throughout the day.

This is especially important because nurses spend long hours on their feet with little chance of resting for comfort. Like slippers, most clogs have no shoelaces and slip easily on the foot.


  • Comes in Polyurethane sole
  • Amazing Arch Support
  • It offers the padded instep collar
  • 100% imported leather


  • These shoes may feel heavy when you first use them.
  • You have to be careful about size. It can run small or wide.
  • The clogs remain slightly uniform due to their heavy skin and smooth nature.
  • The skin may feel firm in the first few months.

Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Comfort 


A removable footbed provides essential comfort and supports your hard-working feet. The flexible goring accompanies you throughout the day, as the folded collar surrounds your foot, making this shield unrestricted. With a memory foam insole, these shoes have the right amount of cookies to keep your feet comfortable throughout your transition.

They have wide structures for your flat feet that will get a lot of rest. In addition, shoes are easy to clean because of their synthetic leather. With just soap and water, you will be able to remove impurities and keep your spouse clean. There is no need to worry too much about the spilled liquid and because they eliminated stain resistance.

These white and black work shoes have classic, slippery and synthetic materials that fall to the top to make them comfortable and durable for a long time. Synthetic leather is treated by eliminating stain resistance to keep the couple looking good after the transition.

Usually artificial skin, easy to clean with soap and water. A neutral arch design, filled with soft foam tile for all-day comfort, easy to open/close. Clean the lines in a chic style, resistant to slipperiness You will find the design to be comfortable and safe.


  • It has neutral arch support
  • Slip resistance
  • Easy to clean


  • Great for those with small and small feet
  • It gets a little harder at first

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo


These are simple ideas that made the feet happy for more than two centuries, and that is the original Birkenstock. Germany has been producing these shoes since 1774. No smoke, no glasses, and no gizmos. You walk, the shape of shoes on your foot.

The Original Birkenstock Footbed shape allows the body weight to be evenly distributed throughout the foot, giving you good support. Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip from Birkenstock is a good arch support shoe for those who don’t like heels.

With heels measuring 0.75 inches, it has a cork cone cut to fit the shape of your feet.

It offers an excellent ground grip with its rubber outsole. Its surface, on the other hand, is made of genuine leather. In addition to the excellent durability, the shoes are fastened to ensure your protection at work. You can easily erase any spills.

Some nurses prefer to wear heeled shoes because of the low height and some are irritating to the heels so this Brinkenstick brand model comes with heels that are not the best for those nurses or women who do not need a heel only need to stabilize their feet.

It comes in a dirty cot bed that easily supports all the arches and your foot can fit and hold on to solid hospital stairs. Genuine leather is used to make these shoes which is why they last longer than others.

In addition, this model is lightweight with open space from the back so that air can easily flow through your shoes and your feet to feel more comfortable. According to its outsole, it is flexible and synthetic which gives this model a good grip on the floor and therefore reduces the chance of slipping.

The Birkenstock Unisex Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe has a non-slip rubber sole and these shoes are easy to clean and protect against oil. Its two adjustable straps and rear straps are easy to put on and take off in just a few seconds. Specially designed for male nurses who are tired of their jobs and want to relax. 


  • Not too tight above the foot.
  • With flexible buckets to give you great comfort.


  • Finding the right size can be challenging
  • It may require a time difference

Things you must know before looking up for best nurse shoes for flat feet 

Finding the right shoes for the nurses is a daunting task. If the foot is flat, the task becomes more difficult than usual.

In choosing the best options, here are some factors to consider:


For someone with flat feet, you need to find shoes that have a lot of arch support. There should be enough cushion for all your feet but pay close attention to the midsection. That area must be strong. The shape of the shoe also needs to be curved. This will keep your feet from getting stuck inside. The heels should be firm to ensure proper absorption. Other than that, the shoes need to be moderately flexible. In this way, they will be able to bend, reduce pressure on your feet as you walk.


On your feet, the best shoes are the ones with wide-toe boxes. The feature will help you to move your toes freely. In addition, there should be enough space on the heel part. Shoe insoles are also important for comfort. They should be soft and supportive. If your feet are often very sweaty, you should also look for shoes with adequate ventilation.


Since you will be traveling a lot and traveling, you need shoes that can keep you safe. With that in mind, look for shoes with artificial tents or rubber. They should be able to help prevent accidents, especially if you are working on the ground with a high chance of getting wet.


This feature is as important as the construction of your shoes. You see, if your shoes don’t last long, they won’t be better than other shoes. You just have to buy another couple a week or so. Your shoes need to be able to withstand a great deal of stress without breaking or getting old. This ensures that they can remove the pressure on your feet.


Lightweight shoes are best for flat feet because they put less pressure on them when walking. When the shoes are heavy, it becomes difficult to wear them all your time.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing good nursing shoes:

Standing support

Standing support is important in preventing low back pain and leg problems. It is also important for nurses to maintain good posture as it helps them to perform their duties safely.

Arch Support

The most important consideration in wearing healthy shoes is to support the arch. High or low heels have become a common problem for many people so prefer shoes with stable arch support. Great arch support will also add extra comfort when walking or running around a busy unit.

Prevention of fatigue-related problems

Nurses tend to have health problems such as arthritis, cramps, and back pain because they are constantly working on their feet. These problems can be easily prevented by wearing appropriate hospital shoes.

Speed ​​and adaptability

Imagine wearing comfortable, lightweight shoes at work. It will be easy to get around, won’t it? 

If you work busy shifts or extensions, wearing the best nurse shoes is crucial to accomplishing as many duties as possible. 

Slip to prevent

 Studies have shown that nurses, especially those who work in nursing homes, are more likely to suffer from slippery, stuttering, and falls than workers in other industries. Spills on the hospital floor are common and you should protect yourself from this with the help of waterproof shoes. Ensuring your safety is always important and never leave you with cheap shoes.

Great comfort

Without a doubt, being a nurse is one of the most challenging tasks you can do. The burden of a busy shift will feel minimal as long as you have comfortable shoes to start with.

Wrapping up:

Nurses are always busy and exposed to many external dangers such as bloodshed and body damage. For this reason, going to a design that is easy to clean is important. Choose shoes that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. A good nursing shoe should provide arch support to release pressure points on the feet, for those who suffer from flat feet.

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