Best kids shoes for wide feet in 2021

best kids shoes for wide feet in 2021. We all want the best for our children and our shoes. If your child has wide feet, you will want wide-heeled shoes for children to ensure that your child has a place to grow and be comfortable. Attached toes can not only cause pain and injury but can also affect the growth of their feet.

Unfortunately, wide shoes are not always easy to find, especially in children’s shoes. Most children’s shoes do not show the width, making it difficult to sort out which shoes can work. Here are some suggestions to help you.

Our top picks:

Skechers Boy’s Flex


K-Swiss Kids Classic VN Sneaker


adidas Unisex-Child Duramo 9 Sneaker


Nike Girls’ Revolution 4


Skechers Boy’s Flex


These stunning sneakers will have your little boy running comfortably and in style. The 3D printed mesh above has no stitching which means no irritation, blisters, and smooth, sweat-free movement.

The memory bubble is comfortable and supportive, in keeping with the unique shape of your baby’s foot. Another exception to the shoe is the vegan meaning that this shoe is not made of animal products. While the shoe lasts longer, be sure to keep these shoes in the washing machine for a longer life of foam memory.

They are flexible and easy on the skin. Seamless construction eliminates unnecessary texture and other uncomfortable layers that can cause discomfort to the skin. The inner fabric is smooth, allowing the runner to wear Skechers Flex Appeal even without socks.

Athletic style and comfort Come with his size and Skechers Flex Advantage 3.0 – change the shoe. An embroidered sports Mesh with Synthetic upper sliding strap tied for athletic training shoes with sewing accents.

Reminiscent of foam air cooler air. Soft woven fabric made of sports fabric Top fabric made of a toe on the toe, heel, and instep strap to increase the strength of the steering wheel with stretching sports training sewing shoes integrated accents with Skechers logo details and tip adjustable belt with hook and loop closure for straight collar equal tongue soft air shoe memory foam comfort insole flex only easy flexible shock absorbing midsole Flexible rubber traction outsole.

It is a soft fabric molded high-top sportswear with synthetic overlays on the toe, heel, and instep belt for added stability. It Slip-on simple laced athletic training sneaker design. Interwoven breathable mesh panels and Synthetic wraparound heel overlay for added stability.


  • Cute, fun colors to choose from
  • Style design
  • Comfortable memory bubble
  • The top seamless fabric prevents bumps and other irritants from occurring.


  • It will not adhere to the washing machine.

K-Swiss Kids Classic VN Sneaker


Along with black and white, they are also available in a variety of colors with added gloss. These colors, including iridescent pink, various, black, and bronze, will appeal to a young princess or a prince with wide legs.

Sizes in the distribution range from 1 to 13.5 for young children and 3.5 to 7 for older children. They come in half size in all and include two-dimensional, medium, and wide width. The tops of the leather are protected by cords with D-wires, making them easy to adjust. The collar has a layer of fabric wrapped around it for comfort.

The end of the molded rubber is lined with an additional suction line. The EVA midsole provides care and is also a die-cut EVA sock liner. You know, many find that these shoes move a little slower so be careful when ordering a “growth zone”.

Empty leather above sneaker style with a round toe. Front cord and D eye-rings. Stripe details with various prints and designs. It has Sewing stations with ruffled tongue and collar.

They started small with our signature shoe; the last classic. Classic VN is designed for kids of all ages with solid skin on top, our 5 classic lashes, and three-piece toe. This traditional style is ideal for the playground, with D-straps that keep the straps in place and provide day-to-day support and a soft EVA midsole that provides a comfortable fit for all-day usage. As the undeniable hero of our Classics family, Classic VN has values, but it continues to be a trustworthy decision for any child. Cloth closure and velcro cord extension for easy access to the feet.


  • Top of the skin.
  • Tie lace with metal D-rings.
  • You form rubber on the sole of the handle.
  • Integrated EVA midsole.


  • It may not run in size.

adidas Unisex-Child Duramo 9 Sneaker


These children’s running shoes are designed with a wide range of luxury on the track or the pavement. The durable upper mesh provides lightweight lifting while the seamless printing overlay adds support for a stable step. The Cloudfoam midsole adds a green touch. This is one of Adidas, which offers the highest level of quality for kids with wide feet. The Duramo 9 design is a common running style. It looks like a sports top with a standard top.

The shoe comes in a variety of colors, allowing your child to truly find something that feels more personal or personal. The outsole shoe is made of rubber sole.

Duramo 9 has a lot of nice features, including the Cloudform Midsole for comfort. This refers to the high level of expulsion that comes with these shoes. There is also the Adiwear outsole which gives you very wearable durability.

This means that the shoes have to adhere to extreme wear. The best feature would be that the opening is 6-12 inches, to ensure that the width of the feet will not be a problem. The only bad thing we have found with these shoes is the confusion as to whether they have Velcro or straps. It looks like it was intended to be cordoned off, but you should double-check when ordering.


  • Mesh above breathing
  • Cloudform Midsole for stage comfort
  • Adiwear outsole for high durability
  • The opening of the boot is 6-12 inches around
  • Rubber only


  • The velcro strap did not stay on.

Nike Girls’ Revolution 4


Another good choice for girls is the Nike Girls’ Revolution 4 Running Shoe. This is great for active and athletic girls who are always on the go but are fashionable enough to wear it all the time.

The Revolution 4 running shoe is made of steel upper and rubber sole. The materials used throughout the shoe are both leather and synthetic, which combines the best of both worlds. They also have a few color choices, so even though they are advertised as girls’ shoes, there are many sexually neutral colors available.

 These shoes feature a hook and loop closure to provide a strong lock. The soft foam midsole will provide a lightweight, but responsive weight reinforcement, ensuring that your baby’s feet will have the highest level of comfort possible.

The only downside to these shoes is that if your child is hard on his or her shoes, these shoes will not hold up well. They should work well for running and walking, but climbing and other physical activities can quickly frustrate them.


  • Mesh above breathing
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Soft foam midsole
  • Rubber only
  • Mix leather with synthetic materials


  • You can’t hold on to hard kids in the shoes

The thing you must know:

Factors to Consider When Choosing More Children’s Shoes:


The first thing you need to consider when buying the best baby shoes with wide heels is their comfort. A child will never wear uncomfortable shoes for long and you can bet it will be an uphill battle to try.

As adults, comfort will depend to a large extent on personal preferences, so even if one of your children says that a certain couple or type of marriage is free, another child might disagree. Comfort is often based on size, including making sure there is enough space for their toes to walk and even a place to grow.

The toe box also needs to be wider so that their toes do not move, causing more discomfort. Some children’s shoes have padding and additional support for better comfort.


Protection is another factor to consider when looking for a wide range of children’s shoes. Most young children work amazingly well, so their shoes need to be able to handle that without falling into pieces.

Protection will depend on what the child is doing, but it usually means that there is a bone thick enough to hold on to rocks or climb trees and to have a secure toe that will prevent them from stepping on it.

If you are in dire need of water shoes, the shoes will need to provide the water to be removed from them while controlling the cause of blisters or damage. Water shoes also need strong saliva to navigate rocks and hard surfaces.


The most important factor for children with wide feet is the ability to repair shoes. While there are plenty of shoes that are wide enough to fit your feet, sometimes it is best to be able to adjust the shoes to fit better.

This means that in the case of Velcro, the straps are long enough to accommodate wide legs. If the shoes are ropes, you will have better luck fixing them, because most of the time, the straps can be replaced with longer straps.

The opening of the shoe should also be large enough to fit easily on wide feet without feeling like you are putting their feet in the shoes. The more comfortable the shoes, the more comfortable they become.

Ease of Use

A final consideration to consider with wide-toed shoes is how easy they are to use. It’s hard enough to argue with a child to put it in the shoes, so if the shoe makes it hard, it won’t be easy for you.

The best shoes are the ones that a child can wear alone without help. Easy to use will largely depend on the age of the child and the criticism.

You wouldn’t put a little on the ropes if you hoped the child would be able to stand on their own two feet, but you should be able to find an older child. The shoes should also open well enough to find the baby’s foot without a problem.

Measuring Children’s Feet at Home

When ordering shoes online, it is very important to measure their feet ahead of time. It’s easy to do. Have your child stand on his or her feet on a piece of paper. You may need two sheets depending on your child’s size and paper.

As your child stands erect and tall, follow your child’s footsteps with a pencil or pen. Use a tape measure and measure the length of your baby’s feet, from the longest to the heel. You should also measure the entire toebox in width.

How Fast Children’s Feet Develop

The speed at which the feet develop depends on the age of the child. Feet grow about 3/4 inches each year between the ages of 1 and 3 years. Then, between the ages of 3 and 6, their feet grow about 1/2 inch each year.

Between the ages of six and 10, on average, children’s feet will grow slightly less than 1/2 inch each year. After that, girls ‘feet grow only about 2% more and boys’ feet can grow up to 10% more. This means adapting to growing up, your kids will need anywhere between 1 to 3 new shoes a year.


Consider changing shoes every three to four months to five years. After that growth is a little slow so you may find that you only need to replace the shoes every five or six months.

Without aging, watch foraging. Children can be hard on shoes and worn-out shoes will not give their feet the support they need.


The best baby shoes for wide feet depend on the need and situation. All the shoes given above are best for kids with wide feet. They are inexpensive, comfortable with a wide range of shoes that will stay with your child for a long time, or at least until they grow into them.

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