Best climbing shoes for wide feet

Best climbing shoes for wide feet in 2021| To learn the skill of rock climbing, accuracy in footwork is required as you balance your body weight on the tip of your shoes the entire way up. Whether you’re climbing indoors or outdoors, the fit and quality of your shoes are critical for comfort, performance, and longevity.

However, it appears that not every climbing shoe company can accommodate the diverse range of foot types found throughout the world. Certain individuals may have larger toes or a higher arch in their soles, while others may have a narrow or flat foot. Here we’re going to talk about the best climbing shoes for wide feet.

Our top picks:

Five Ten Moccasym Shoes Men’s


La Sportiva Men’s Miura VS Climbing Shoe Cat feet


SCARPA Instinct VS Rock Climbing Shoes 


Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe


Five Ten Moccasym Shoes Men’s


The Five Ten Anasazi shoes are an excellent choice for indoor rock climbing. Velcro straps and a robust rubber sole make this a terrific gym shoe. They have a pretty neutral sole that will fit climbers from novice to intermediate. Additionally, we appreciate that while being manufactured by a reputable company, they are reasonably priced.

The Anasazi Five Ten is an excellent alternative for climbers with wide feet. Additionally, it is a performance climbing shoe, meaning it pays particular attention to performance. As a result of the slipper closure method, this shoe has an advantage. At the very least, you may rest comfortably that the shoe will conform to your feet while maintaining the sensitivity and suppleness required of a decent climbing shoe.

Exceptional Performance

If you’re looking for a high-performance climbing shoe, the Anasazi is an excellent choice. Additionally? These shoes feature a flexible sole that enables you to expertly wedge your feet into cracks. Additionally, its Stealth C4 rubber is fantastic since it smears nicely and retains its stickiness for an extended time. Additionally, the Anasazi features premium unlined leather that is fantastic for scraping up stains.

It’s both Comfortable and Sturdy

Individuals with broad feet will always seek out shoes that provide a high level of comfort, which is precisely what the Five Ten Anasazi provides. The shoes will be uncomfortable for the first few climbs, but things will improve as the shoe adjusts to your foot shape. The slipper closing mechanism features incredible elasticity, making it simple to put on and take off your shoes between climbs. Anasazi’s climbing shoes deliver durability without a doubt. The rubber soles and leather exterior ensure that these Anasazi will last for years.


  • Shoes that are ideal for edging and crack climbing
  • It is equipped with a slipper closure system.
  • They are designed to fit wide feet.
  • Rubber that is both flexible and durable
  • It is relatively delicate.
  • Straps with Velcro
  • Affordable
  • Excellent for heel hooks.


  • A large toe box may be advantageous for some climbers.

La Sportiva Men’s Miura VS Climbing Shoe Cat feet


The La Sportiva Miura VS climbing shoe is one of the best options for women with wide feet. This pair of shoes is designed for climbers transitioning from beginner to intermediate level. La Sportiva Climbing Company shoes are always a safe bet. These guys have a thorough understanding of climbing and the expertise necessary to create excellent shoes. The Miuras have the advantage of being sensitive enough to grip cracks and rough rocks. These incredible shoes are capable of maneuvering on nearly any type of rock surface.

Excellent Fit and Comfort

The advantage of the La Sportiva Miuras is that its fit and comfort can be customized. It features a simple lacing system. Additionally, its lacing system is secure and includes a quick-pull harness. If you choose the correct size, the lacing system will undoubtedly provide excellent support, fit, and comfort. A proper fit should be snug enough to assist you in navigating all those technical climbs.

This shoe’s upper leather is flexible and supportive, ensuring your comfort. Additionally, this pair is lined with Dentex, which wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry and comfy all day. 

Durability & Performance

The La Sportiva Miura, according to the majority of female climbers, is one of the best intermediate climbing shoes on the market. You may effortlessly conduct a range of climbing techniques with this shoe. Its asymmetrical shape and flat profile make it an excellent choice for terrain and steep surface climbing.

This premium shoe is constructed with a 4mm Vibram XS Edge rubber sole with a highly tensioned Slingshot Rand that helps you to smear, hook, and edge professionally. Additionally, this rubber sole has been engineered to maintain its sticky properties over time. These are the best wide-footed climbing shoes available.


  • Excellent for beginners and intermediate climbers
  • Fit that is comfortable
  • The upper part and rubber sole are exceptionally resistant to wear and tear.
  • System of rapid lacing


  • Does not possess the ability to deal with complex issues

SCARPA Instinct VS Rock Climbing Shoes 


The Scarpa Instinct VS is a very popular shoe with wide-footed climbers. This pair of shoes features a dual closure mechanism, which includes velcro and a slipper. This means you’ll have a shoe that can easily rumble over little crystals and edges. If you’re climbing on tough terrain, the Scarpa Instinct VS is your best bet. On the other hand, they are ineffective on small finger cracks. Let’s begin with the features that distinguish the Scarpa Instincts as an exceptional pair of climbing shoes.

Consistent Performance

The Scarpa Instincts VS is a high-performance shoe using Vibram XS Edge rubber. This rubber enables you to maximize the value of nubbins and little chips. Additionally, it features a non-slip heel that enables you to traverse steep limestone and caverns.

You can edge quite effectively in a pair of Instincts without relying on a snug fit. This is because the bi-tension rand pulls your toes forward, providing you with the necessary power and confidence to reach the edge. These sneakers are not the most sensible option. The Instincts feature a ridged rubber sole that resists bending. Climbing is not permitted on routes with bumps and divots as holding elements.

Exceptional comfort and fit

One of the aspects of this pair of shoes that will impress you is its comfort. To begin, its wide fit enables you to slip your feet rather easily. They feature an elastic top, making them suitable for all-day bouldering and climbing sessions.


  • They are sufficiently wide to accommodate huge feet.
  • The shoe is snug.
  • They are robust.
  • Excellent for sport climbing and steep bouldering 


  • They come at a hefty price.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe


These wide-footed rock climbing shoes are aggressively and asymmetrically designed. It comes in handy when climbing difficult terrain. The Knuckle Box accommodates a snug fit and adds comfort to the shoe. The Shamans are extremely durable, with stronger rubber on the soles and much more wear zones. 

Other locations require a thinner rubber. The fashionable Velcro strap allows you to simply draw the sole up to your foot arches. The Love Bump, which is located in the midsole region, brings comfort and vitality to your toes.

The Evolv Shaman is another excellent broad climbing shoe that excels on steep terrain. With these shoes, you can tackle the majority of the most difficult routes available. Chris Sharma’s Shamans are recognized for their one-of-a-kind love bump, which aids in maintaining the shoe’s downward slope. This feature keeps your toes snug in the shoe’s front part.

Excellent Performance

The Shamans have been developed in such a way that they allow for crack climbing. While the original version of this shoe was not ideal for cracking, the new version features three elegant Velcro straps that allow you to squeeze your feet into cracks the size of your palm. The pointed toe box fits well into little fissures.

The Shaman’s second amazing feature is its ability to navigate quite well in pockets. Its angled toe can easily grasp and pull itself into holes. My sole criticism of the Evolv Shaman’s performance is its lack of sensitivity. Consider the difference between your feet and the rock surface is a 4.2mm rubber sole!

Superior Comfort

The Shamans provide exceptional comfort, owing to their medium-wide fit. Additionally, the love bump function assists in maintaining the power posture of your big toe. Take care to match the Evolv Shaman’s size to your street shoe to ensure comfort.


  • This shoe is quite comfortable.
  • It features a 4.2 mm thick sole that is incredibly robust.
  • Fits snugly and comfortably without creating pressure points
  • Excellent shoe for climbing difficult routes.


  • Lacks sufficient sensitivity
  • Not well suited to technical climbing

Consider the Following When Purchasing Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Closure Mechanisms:

After determining the type of shoe that is most appropriate for your needs, it is critical to consider the closure mechanisms. You can opt for lace-up, velcro, or slip-on closures.

Lace closures are excellent for giving a secure fit. You can easily adjust the fit of the sneakers. If you’re searching for a shoe that’s simple to put on and take off, you should probably choose the Velcro closure mechanism.

If you’re seeking a shoe that’s suitable for training, the slippers closure mechanism will undoubtedly come in handy. This form of closure is quite sensitive. Due to their low profile, these shoes are ideal for slotting and crack climbing.


Another essential factor to consider is the material utilized to construct the shoes. The majority of climbing shoes are made of leather, synthetics, or a combination of the two. If you’re seeking durability and performance, leather is an excellent choice. On the other hand, synthetic shoes are advantageous when breathability and comfort are required. With synthetic sneakers, you won’t have to worry about sweating or smell. If you’re unsure of your shoe size, it’s best to opt for leather shoes, as they typically expand over time.

Convenience & Fit:

Your climbing shoes’ fit and comfort are crucial for safety, control, and power. I’m sure you’d prefer a shoe that fits comfortably throughout a climb. When shopping for climbing shoes, you may frequently discover that you need to move up or down a size. The size you select is always decided by the level of comfort and fit desired. It is always critical to choose climbing shoes that allow for adjustment of the fit and comfort.

The Sole’s Nature:

Before selecting a climbing shoe, it is necessary to examine the sole’s construction. Individuals with wide feet should go for 3mm to 4mm thick rubber soles. This thickness is appropriate if you’re seeking a rubber sole that is both sensitive and durable. Finally, you must guarantee that the rubber sole is easily smearable.

What is the measurement for climbing shoes with wide feet?

Shoes for broader feet are typically 14 to 12 inches wider than ordinary size shoes, as this accommodates the majority of people’s increases in foot width.

Walkabout and flex your toes to check the shoes are as comfy and supportive as they will need to be while climbing.

The breadth of the foot typically ranges between 3.2 and 4.05 inches, depending on the length of the foot. Women’s size 7 climbing shoes with large feet, for example, will normally measure 3.45 inches wide.

Why should you have a pair of shoes designed specifically for indoor and outdoor climbing?

Indoor climbing is all about strength development. You’ll want a relatively hard and snug-fitting performance fit shoe for this. For outdoor use, you’ll want a shoe with a sensitive yet sturdy sole, which will aid your foot in adhering to natural rock while also preserving the shoe’s longevity.

Should a newbie choose aggressive climbing shoes?

Beginning skaters do not require aggressive footwear. A neutral shoe with a firm sole will provide the necessary support. A more aggressive shoe becomes effective only as you progress into steep, overhung routes.

Wrapping up:

This brings us to the end of Best climbing shoes for wide feet in 2021. There are climbing shoes designed specifically for climbers with wide feet. The information provided above might assist you in locating the best climbing shoes for wide feet. 

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