Best basketball shoes for point guards

The best basketball shoes for point guards are those that provide maximum comfort while playing. There is sufficient impact protection, as well as a range of colorful hues to match your personal style. In 2021, the following are some of the greatest basketball sneakers for point guards.

Our top pick:

Adidas D O N Issue 2 Men’s Basketball Shoe


Nike Men’s Shoes PG 5 Black CW3143-001


Under Armour Men’s Hovr Havoc Low Basketball Shoe


Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoes Men’s

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Adidas D O N Issue 2 Men’s Basketball Shoe


The Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2 Basketball Sneakers are an outstanding pair of shoes that provide comfort, traction, and responsiveness. As a basketball shoe for point guards, it certainly does not disappoint.

The D.O.N. Issue #2 boasts a lightweight and breathable textile mesh upper that provides exceptional all-day comfort while yet providing the required support for your feet. We were particularly taken with the low profile, which allowed for swift and decisive movement without the shoe getting in the way. Characteristics that are critical for basketball shoes designed for point guards.

Additionally, the traction patterns are multidirectional, ensuring that you have a firm grip on the court regardless of which way you travel. It’s ideal for rapid cutbacks and pivots.

This pair of shoes would have been ideal if but for one minor flaw. You must break it in before you can enjoy it. That means it’s nearly impossible to have a decent game if you wear this immediately after unpacking it.

The cushion configuration is bouncy and responsive while providing enough impact protection. However, the court’s vibe is lacking. The materials are sturdy and thick, yet quite clumsy. They are generally comfortable, with adequate padding, but do not fit properly to your feet. The support is excellent and is the shoe’s selling point. With these, you’ll feel extremely confined. In general, Don Issue #2 is a strong value performer with excellent support and traction.

Numerous lightweight textiles are used, along with a few synthetic overlays. Quite standard for contemporary basketball sneakers. Nothing stood out as exceptional in this collection. Nothing stuck out as particularly horrible. The Adidas DON Issue 2 runs true to size, albeit a little snug. Particularly at the forefoot, towards the tongue’s base. Wide-footed individuals may need to move up a 1/2 size or forego the shoe entirely. Due to the close fit, the lockdown was strong. Simply ensure that you lace them up else the heel may feel a little floppy in motion.


  • Excellent support without jeopardizing movement
  • The lightweight and breathable fabric allow point guards to move freely.
  • Even when performing omnidirectional movement, the firm grasp


  • It must be broken in before it becomes comfortable.

Nike Men’s Shoes PG 5 Black CW3143-001


The Nike PG 5 Basketball Shoe is another excellent option for point guards. It provides superior grip while providing superb support and cushioning. The PG 5 packs a lot of technology into a little package. The outsole design adheres like glue and provides additional coverage, making it ideal for those rapid stops and starts.

Additionally, the Air Strobel insole provides ample cushioning and shock absorption, resulting in incredibly comfortable sneakers. Of course, as flawless as this shoe is, it does have some imperfections.

This basketball shoe, inspired by lunar craters, features a breathable upper and a secure fit. The craters appear to have aided Nike in developing this shoe’s exceptional multidirectional traction.

This enables you to continue playing the game because your feet will not become too hot. This means that you should always feel more secure. Nor should your feet wiggle about much with these shoes, allowing you to focus on the game at hand. The padded collar and sturdy materials ensure that your ankle stays secure while maintaining your mobility.


  • Basketball sneakers with excellent impact protection and cushioning
  • Numerous premium features in a compact design
  • Cushioning and shock absorption is superior to average.


  • Several team members expressed dissatisfaction with the snug fit.

Under Armour Men’s Hovr Havoc Low Basketball Shoe


The Under Armour Men’s Hovr Havoc Low Basketball Shoe features a two-tone mesh upper with a hot melt film to protect your toes. I would have liked these shoes last week when my teammates smashed my toes.

The UA HOVR technology imparts a sense of zero gravity to the shoes, allowing your feet to feel lighter and allowing you to focus on your game.

Additional stability is provided by the outside heel counter, which prevents your foot from wandering around inside the shoe. The forefoot’s anatomical flex grooves provide additional flexibility. This allows you to move slightly more freely about the court while playing.

These sneakers are slightly more affordable than some of the others we’ve seen. This means that a greater number of individuals will be able to afford them. Those who have purchased these shoes report that they are of excellent quality and comfy.


  • The shoes have a fashionable appearance and will surely make a statement. They are fairly priced, which implies that a broader audience will be able to afford them.
  • They can assist your feet in remaining in the proper position.
  • The versatility is pretty astounding, allowing you to maneuver around 


  • They are slightly narrow across the toes, which may be unsettling.
  • Blisters may develop across the tops of the toes as a result of the shoes.
  • The heel counter frequently rides up excessively high.

Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoes Men’s

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The Adidas Harden Vol. 3 is an extremely distinctive sneaker in terms of design. The suede sole adds a touch of distinction to the shoe’s style.

With a leather upper, the shoe provides excellent lockdown, ensuring that your feet do not slide about excessively inside the shoe. The responsive midsole ensures that more energy is returned than ever before. This function is beneficial because it can aid in the game significantly, particularly by encouraging you to play slightly better. The herringbone pattern used with the shoe adds added traction. This enables you to maintain contact with the court rather than slipping all over it.

While these shoes are a little pricy, they are far less expensive than some. Those who have purchased and used these shoes report that they are fairly comfortable, with an excellent lacing system.


  • They have a secure fit that helps keep the feet in place.
  • The energy return is favorable, which might help you enhance your game.
  • These sneakers are quite comfortable and might help you play better.
  • The lacing method secures the tongue, providing additional security.


  • After a while, the padding may become squished.
  • They tend to be a little slick around the heel.

Things you must know before buying  basketball shoes for point guards


Guards make numerous cuts and jump during play. That is why a comfy shoe is necessary. Not only does additional padding or cushion help absorb impacts when you land, but also helps prevent blisters. The less discomfort you experience throughout a game, the more time you have to focus on your performance.

There are numerous ways to protect your foot, but guards should seek out midsoles made of EVA foam wherever possible. While this is one of the lightest materials available, it nevertheless provides a stable foundation from which to launch. Any time you can achieve comfort without increasing your weight is a major plus.


As with cushions, guards require adequate support. Rapid acceleration, dribbling through traffic, and stopping on a dime are all key components of the position of 1 (point guard), 2 (shooting guard), or 3 (small forward). They do, however, expose your feet and ankles to harm. That is why you require a shoo-in which you have complete confidence.

Guards should search for models that provide both ankle support and assistance around the base. Additionally, those with effective lockdown go a long way. Purchase something that actively secures your foot and prevents it from slipping.


Another consideration for guards when selecting footwear is weight. As previously said, the guard position is a rapid one that involves a blend of timing, speed, and agility. Shoes that are too large or too hefty directly contradict this. As a speedy guard, you want something lightweight that assists you in cutting.

However, being lighter does not always mean being better. While it is vital to losing weight, you do not want to get something too fragile. It’s an issue of establishing a balance between reliable footwear and something that allows for freedom of movement. The greatest shoes are those with a middle ground.


Basketball is an extremely physically demanding sport that challenges players to push their bodies to their limits. While this adds to the enjoyment, it also results in a lot of sweat. Rather than getting wet every time you play, which increases friction and the risk of blisters, you want a shoe with a breathable, moisture-wicking upper. Rather than getting wet every time you play, which increases friction and the risk of blisters, you want a shoe with a breathable, moisture-wicking upper. These models are critical for players who frequently run hot or who constantly have damp socks mid-game. In either case, all guards can benefit from increased airflow.

Here are a few essential techniques to guarantee your shoes retain their grip for an extended time:

Step on a traction board before each practice or game. The board is coated with an adhesive that adheres to the bottom of your shoe. By treading on it, you remove both dust and grease from your shoes, improving your traction on the court.

Traction fluid should be applied to the bottoms of your shoes. This will increase the grip of your shoes.

Before each game and between timeouts, wipe the bottoms of your shoes with a moist towel to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Following practice or a game, athletes should wash their shoes’ soles. Using a soft cloth and soapy water is the most effective way. If the traction on your shoe no longer impresses you, it may be time for a new pair. Choose a pair that is sturdy and has rugged, gripping soles.

Can I Use Basketball Shoes for Indoor and Outdoor Point Guards?

If you’ve been playing basketball for years, or at the very least have some experience, you’re probably already aware that playing on different courts feels very different. Basketball shoes are primarily designed for indoor use on smooth, clean hardwood surfaces.

Whether a basketball shoe for point guards can be worn indoors and out ultimately comes down to the overall design. Outdoor basketball shoes will require a different sort of outsole, one that will not quickly wear down on rough concrete or asphalt.

Additionally, you’ll want a pair of shoes with plenty of impact protection, as you’ll be bouncing around a lot on a tougher floor. That being stated, if you own a pair of basketball shoes that possesses these characteristics, you can utilize them on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Is There a Difference Between Basketball Shoes for Point Guards and Basketball Shoes for Other Positions?

Basketball shoes are unique in comparison to other types of footwear. They are essentially built for the high-intensity games associated with basketball. You’re wearing shoes that can withstand repeated hops and rapid stops and starts. Unlike running shoes, which are meant to provide support for your feet over time, basketball shoes are designed to provide support for your feet, particularly your ankles, during quick bursts.

Basketball players change directions mid-run approximately every few seconds, and they perform a total of 100 brief sprints per game. If you have distance running experience or choose to wear a running shoe during your basketball games, wearing a specific basketball shoe may create weariness. It can also result in ankle injuries, as running shoes lack ankle support and lack sufficient traction to assist with the abrupt directional change.

Now, basketball shoes can have their distinct styles, because there are numerous positions in basketball. Basketball shoes designed for point guards typically have broader outsoles or superior traction grips than the majority of basketball shoes. This enables dials to change direction on a dime from zero to eleven.


Additionally, these sneakers are reasonably priced, which means you won’t have to shell out a fortune for your new basketball shoes.

If you’re seeking the greatest basketball sneakers for point guards, look no further. They are not only comfortable to play in, but they also look good.

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