Best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis in 2021

best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis in 2021 | keep you safe and give you comfortable playing. For any basketball player, casual or serious, a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis might be a disastrous condition.

This ailment produces pain in the heel and bottom of the foot, making it impossible to play basketball. While the actual origin of this ailment is unknown, numerous lines of evidence show that basketball players are more susceptible than the general population due to their repeated movements. Here we will discuss the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis in 2021.

Our top picks:

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy light


Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive


Adidas Women’s VS Hoops Mid 2.0 W


Under Armour Basketball Shoe


Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy light


Break out from the herd in these men’s lightweight low tops. These basketball sneakers contain a boost midsole that keeps every step fully energized and is designed to stretch the floor. A heel cup provides lockdown, while the jacquard top offers a dramatic style.

The Upper Is Made of Jacquard Synthetic and Textile for Maximum Comfort. Increases the amount of energy that is returned to the user Maintain an endless supply of light, fast energy with each step.

It contains the new Adidas Performance basketball sneakers, which will help you improve your game like nothing else. If you’re a regular basketball player, you’re probably familiar with the pain of plantar fasciitis, or heel pain. Adidas has come up with a long-term solution to this problem. The bottoms of the new Performance Crazy light shoes are specially cushioned to ensure a safe landing.

Furthermore, the robust substance of these shoes provides additional support as you sprint for the pole. And that’s what plantar fasciitis sufferers desire in their footwear. The rubber outsole is the most important feature for indoor courts. And the Continental rubber outsole found in Adidas Crazy light sneakers helps you maintain a greater grip on the ground, no matter how dusty or spotless it is.

Adidas has no room for dull, traditional-colored sneakers. The Crazy light appears in the color solar red or light scarlet, which is mainly red with a hint of orange. As a result, it’s the most fashionable pair of shoes.

Since its introduction, the Adidas Crazy light has been the preferred footwear of many professionals. If you want to improve your game and play without painful heels, the Adidas Crazy light basketball sneakers are all you need right now.

This is the greatest option for you if you have large flat feet and are looking for good support shoes. The Adidas Crazy light boost has cushioned footbeds for improved arch support and a rubber sole for improved traction. The Adidas Crazy light boost features a deep 3D-molded heel that improves heel stability and lowers heel stress. The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is heel discomfort; which Adidas Crazy light rapidly alleviates. If you suffer from PF, the Adidas Crazy light boost should be your first option.


  • Improved traction
  • Flat-footed people can benefit from arch support.
  • Support for the heel
  • Prime knit fabrication is seamless for a perfect fit.


  • Soles are a little stiff.
  • Hollow arches may find this bothersome.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive


Durability is provided by the lightweight synthetic and textile upper. The anatomical lace system covers the entire foot and eliminates pressure. Mesh tongue and heel insert provide breathability. It includes a rubber outsole for exceptional traction.

The Adidas Crazy Explosive provides adequate ankle and arch support. This pair is ideal for persons who have fallen arches or are experiencing ankle instability. For greater comfort and fit, 100% textile and synthetic materials are used. It has good responsive cushioning to provide your arches with more support. As a result, flat-footed people and people with collapsed arches are no longer handicapped.

This Adidas pair also features an improved lacing system and a soft textile inside to reduce foot discomfort during hard cuts on the court. You won’t have to worry about conveniences with the shaft measuring roughly high-top from arch to tinted wrap over the midsole. Adidas can be seen all over the place! The new Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive basketball shoes are another masterpiece from the leading retailer Adidas.

It is fair to say that this Crazy Explosive footwear is meant to provide you with the finest basketball experience while still being quite convenient.

If you have a flat foot and are searching for arch support, then the Adidas men’s performance crazy explosive is the finest basketball shoe for high arches. Because the full-length Crazy Explosive basketball shoes keep the entire foot in position, they are ideal for those who suffer from severe heel pain.

Additionally, you will benefit from the most wonderful ankle support, which will keep your feet solid. The shoes’ anatomical lace mechanism wraps around your entire foot to keep it in place. It also releases pressure from your ankles and heels, which helps to relieve plantar fasciitis pain.


  • Rubber outsole with a lot of grips.
  • Anatomical lace system.
  • Regular sports shoes don’t last as long as these.
  • Shoes with a full length.


  • Lacing takes some practice to get used to.

Adidas Women’s VS Hoops Mid 2.0 W


The sole is made of rubber. This sneaker has a rubber outsole and is manufactured entirely of imported textile and synthetic components. As a result, it gives you greater comfort and flexibility, as well as superior traction.

You can also appear stylish while participating in sports. On the hardwood court, this pair aids you in quick direction changes, jumping, and taking forceful cuts. It has a very lightweight and quick response time. So, even if you have plantar fasciitis or other foot problems, you’re ready to go on the basketball court.

If this pair could be worn by both men and women, it would be at the top of our list. This Adidas pair is always the greatest plantar fasciitis basketball sneakers for ladies.


  • Lightweight 
  • Responsive
  • The craftsmanship is excellent, and the design is straightforward.


  • A little bit of a squeeze

Under Armour Basketball Shoe


The shoe is associated with both fashion and comfort. It gives your feet comfort and support while also protecting them from a condition known as plantar fasciitis. Long-boot designs come in several styles for further stability and support. At the same time, it has ventilation and rapid airflow technology to give you the most comfort.

Furthermore, the excellent insole keeps your toes on the ground, and the rubber-padded outsole ensures that your plantar fascia is not overworked. So it’s evident that they are among the greatest basketball shoes for pain relief. Because of the firmness of the rubber, the Curry 3 may be used outside.

The grooves are shallow, so keep that in mind, but if you’re looking for performance over a lifespan, these should do the trick. It has comfortable padding and an ortholite insole. This cushion configuration is responsive. It’s low to the ground, incredibly stable, and doesn’t slow you down at all.

There’s a heel counter, carbon fiber wings on the sides, a carbon fiber shank in the midfoot, and the entire base of the shoe is noticeably wide, along with that mid-top ankle collar, ensuring all-day support.


  • A charged cushion that is extremely responsive.
  • The midsole is made to last.
  • Upper made of synthetic thread Rubber sole
  • Excellent assistance in all areas


  • Outsole quality is not so good

Things you must know:

You should look for shoes that have the following characteristics:

Because the majority of plantar fasciitis discomfort is produced by stepping directly on the bottom of your foot, you’ll want a shoe with strong sole support. To acquire the optimum level of support, you may need to purchase detachable insoles.

Ankle support: 

Plantar fasciitis causes you to change your gait to avoid generating pain. This can cause you to walk in abnormal positions, particularly if you wear shoes that allow you to change your gait too much. Look for a pair of shoes that will hold your ankle in place.

Proper fit: 

Your toes will be squished if your toe box is overly tight, worsening the agony of this terrible ailment. Make sure you choose a shoe that is the perfect fit for you – not too tight, nor too loose.

About plantar Fasciitis:

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition that primarily affects the heel and sole. Plantar fasciitis necessitates the usage of an appropriate basketball shoe because it is difficult to play your game without one.

With this diagnosis, you’re in a lot of discomforts and can’t play games fairly. Treatment and, more significantly, a good pair of shoes can help you recuperate and play your game again.

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that affects the soles of the feet.

Plantar fasciitis is an illness of the fibrous tissue (plantar fascia) that links your heel bone to your toes on the bottom of your foot. It causes excruciating heel pain.

How to Choose the Best Plantar Fasciitis Basketball Shoes:

Rubber Outsole: 

The rubber outsole is the most crucial of all the components. It absorbs shock and keeps your feet in place. 


The quality of the material utilized in your shoes is really important. The built material of your shoes must be carefully considered because it has a significant impact on overall performance.


 Above all, the budget is critical. You must conduct an extensive study before making a final decision so that you are aware of the costs involved.

What shoes should you wear if you have plantar fasciitis?

Doctors typically recommend running shoes that are particularly padded at the bottom and provide excellent arch support. As a result, doctors typically recommend shoes that provide extra support for your heels.

What else should you look for before purchasing the best plantar fasciitis basketball shoes?

Footbeds with adequate cushioning:

After conducting extensive research on basketball shoes, we discovered that exceptional cushioning properties are present in every single pair of superb basketball shoes. So, before you buy any basketball shoes, make sure that the footbeds are sufficiently cushioned.


Another fantastic attribute of most basketball shoes that helps to boost comfort is the ability to breathe. If the upper half of the shoes are not constructed of breathable materials, your foot will sweat and smell strange. As a result, you eventually lose your focus.

Before you select the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis and flat feet, make sure to check their breathability. Even if you have no problems with your feet, you should wear breathable basketball shoes.

Ankle support

It is one of the most significant factors in protecting the foot from unnatural motions for basketball players. As a result, if your shoes don’t provide appropriate ankle support, you’ll lose foot stability on the court.

Basketball players are particularly vulnerable to the painful ailment due to the following factors:

Constant running: Running can apply a force of up to six times the bodyweight of a human. Running, for example, can exert a strain of up to 1200 pounds on your arches if you weigh 200 pounds.

Inadequate stretching:

You can end up with a stiff, inflexible plantar fascia and surrounding muscles if you don’t stretch before a game and throughout the week. As a result, muscles and ligaments are ill-equipped to withstand the substantial impact they will face throughout a game.


Basketball is a game with a lot of quick changes in position and pace. When you add in a lot of torque, a lot of impacts, and a weak or tight plantar fascia, you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Tears start to appear in small amounts.

Surfaces that are difficult to play on: A hard surface paired with high torque and speed can mean disaster for your heels, whether you’re playing on an indoor court or a driveway.

Improper footwear:

The popularity of ultralight basketball shoes has resulted in faster footwork–and, in many cases, a lack of support. Basketball shoes also tend to wear out more quickly due to the high amount of force and moisture they are subjected to.

Extra weight: 

Many basketball fans, like the rest of the population, are overweight. This added weight puts more strain on the heel and arch.


All of the shoes on this list have been tested and confirmed to be better for flat-footed people and people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Don’t let heel pain prohibit you from participating in sports. With the right footwear, orthotic inserts for support, adequate rest, and frequent ice and stretching, you’ll be back on the court in no time.

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