Bus Stop Boutique: Shoe Trends Seen In Vogue And Allure Magazines

If you want an indication of the latest shoe styles, then browse through the pages of Vogue and Allure magazine. These magazines features the latest styles and colors of the season. Many women simply can’t own enough pairs of shoes. If you love shoes, then you want the latest styles in your closet. Shoe trends often last a few years before they are outdated. But, they also come back around in style after several years. Save your Read more…

Shoes Galore: Style Tips From The Most Avid Shoe Shoppers

When you are someone who is looking to step out in style, you cannot go wrong with a trip to the shoe store. However, if you have been shopping for shoes very long, it often feels as if you have to make the decision between ugly and comfortable shoes and shoes that are pretty and painful! The truth is that shoes can be wonderfully comfy and stylish, so remember a few key tips.

First, it is worth getting your correct size. Read more…

How To Add More Shoe Storage Space To Your Closet The Creative Way

Many women buy lots of shoes every year. This becomes a big problem if you run out of storage space in your closet. Avid shoe shoppers have learned a few tricks for adding more shoe storage space. The first step in clearing out your closet is to go through everything that is already in there. Donate, sell or give away shoes that you don’t wear anymore. This can be a hard thing to do if you love shoes. However, this is the best way to add more shoes Read more…

Summer Shoe Trends

You’re up on the latest trends you’ve got an iPad and a wireless alarm from Security Choice San Francisco and you make your own pickled vegetables yourself. But do you know what’s to come this summer when it comes to shoes? Here’s what we notice are the top three trends in shoes for warmer weather
Wedges – Wedges are back again this year in a big waythe most popular version we’ve seen has cork or rope at the base. For a more modernized version of a classic think bold stripes in nautical colors in canvas.
Ballet Flats – The most current ballet flats have a pointed toe. They’re sometimes flat leather and sometimes patent but they’re always colorful and bright. You don’t have to pay a fortune for these to get a great look.
Summer Boots – Yes, you read that right. Camel colored boots, particularly ankle boots, are big for summer. Pair them with a dress, a skirt or even some great satin shorts but don’t wear socks and whatever you do, DON’T do the cowboy boot thing. It’s so overdone.

Beauty And Style: Where To Find Affordable Women’s Fashion Shoes

Finding affordable fashion shoes has never been easy for anyone who is impatient and not overly fond of shopping. While you can find affordable shoes in discount department shoes and discount shoe stores, you have to wade through racks and racks of last year’s shoe fashions, shoes in odd colors, and just try to find your size if you wear a size 7 or 8.

These stores do get very fashionable shoes in, in all sizes and colors but the Read more…

The Facts: Why Shoes Matter To Working Women

Shoes are crucial for the working woman, in fact, shoes are crucial for every woman. With shoes being the trending fashion for women, shoes are an important asset to every closet. The more shoes, the better of course. Working women take up the next notch because statistics show that 64 percent of working women said they rely on shoes to complete their everyday look and change up the look of their outfit, especially since clothes can Read more…

Online Shoe Shopping: A Guide To Buying Your Shoes Online

Step out in style with shoes you don’t have to search the globe to find. When you search for shoes at online retailers you can rest your feet while you let your fingers do the walking.

Online shopping has become a way of life in the past several years. With updated and modernized photos and more realistic online color schemes, its super simple to feel confident when you shop for clothes and even shoes online. No hassle return policies just add to the ease of online shoe shopping. Read more…

Adlite Enterprises Develops Online Shopping Mall For Shoe Buyers

Finding shoes is one of the most stressful shopping events for people, even shoe lovers seem to have a difficult time finding the right pair. While the advent of the internet has made shopping easier for many things shopping for shoes can be, well, difficult, at the very least. Brands, styles and sizing differ across a wide spectrum of factors leaving many shoppers to wonder if they’ll be shipping back their newest shoe purchase. There is also the issue of price disparity among retailers. A shoe might be going for significantly more or less depending Read more…

From The Experts: What You Should And Shouldn’t Do While Shoe Shopping

Buying new shoes can be one of the most rewarding and fun shopping trips. Buying that perfect pair of shoes is a great feeling. However, many of us have experienced the travesty of buying a pair of shoes that did not meet their intended purpose, fit correctly, or make us feel better about ourselves. We can all avoid this by following two major do’s and two major don’ts of shoe shopping.

Do try on the shoes you are looking at buying. This will tell you a lot about Read more…

Recent Survey Of Avid Shoe Shoppers Name The 10 Best Running Shoes

It is hard to get the most out of your running without the correct shoe. Although a lot depends on what kind of shoe you are looking for and what works best for how you run, here is a list of some of the ten best, separated by women, men and a neutral shoe for both women and men.
In the running shoe category for women, there are some great options. They are:
Nike Zoom Vomero 4 – Good cushion, quality, and shoe performance
Brooks Launch – Good foot Read more…